The Vision:

To ensure the future and further

enhance the quality of life of our

Story Community.

The Mission:

Connect people who care with

the needs and visions of the

Story Community.

How does the Story Community Fund operate with the Wyoming Community Foundation?

The Story Community Fund (SCF) works in association with the Wyoming Community Foundation(WYCF). The investing of funds, the administration, and oversight are handled by WYCF. This allows the SCF Advisory Board to be an all volunteer organization. The SCF Advisory Board receives request from local 501 c3 and charitable organizations, performs due diligence, and provides grants from the SCF funds using the staff of the Wyoming Community Foundation.

Story Community Fund Goals

Inform, Educate, and Promote investing in the future of Story.

Aggregate community donating efforts.

Facilitate grant writing training.

Develop a community needs assessment.

Create an organization needs assessment.

Provide Grants to Story 501-c3 Organizations.

For more information contact:

Patrick Morgan - Chairman

Story Community Fund

P.O. Box 651